Phil Corrigan

Secret Agent X-9 was a comic strip begun by writer Dashiell Hammett (The Maltese Falcon) and artist Alex Raymond (Flash Gordon). Syndicated by King Features, it ran from January 22, 1934 until February 10, 1996.

X-9 was a nameless agent who worked for a nameless agency. X-9 used the name “Dexter” in the first story (“It’s not my name, but it’ll do.”) and kept using it or being called by it in later stories, but acquired the name “Phil Corrigan” in the 1940s and decades later the strip was renamed Secret Agent Corrigan. The nameless agency was also briefly the FBI when the FBI was in vogue, but when the FBI became less popular, references to it were dropped and the agency was nameless again. Hammett and Raymond eventually left the strip.



5 thoughts on “Phil Corrigan

  1. First of all, a BIG thank you for resurrecting my fav Indrajal Comic heroes. Just a question. If Phil Corrigan comic strip ran from January 22, 1934 until February 10, 1996, why are there just 11 issues here? There should surely be more, Isnt it? Thank you so very much. Kumar!


    • You are welcome. That can be true, but on this blog there are only Indrajal Comics, and a total of 803 Indrajal Comics were published, excluding #123 and #124 which were not printed due to industrial strike action. And all 803 are on the blog so all appearances from Phil Corrigan in Indrajal Comics are on this blog.


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